FireCCIS1SA10 Dataset

The Fire_cci project is one of the Essential Climate Variables (Fire disturbance) under the European Space Agency’s Climate Change Initiative. The scope of the project is to provide long-term burned area information for global vegetation and atmospheric modellers.

The Fire_cci Sentinel-1 Burned Area product for a Large Demonstrator Area in South America v1.0 product (FireCCIS1SA10 for short) was released on July 2019. It was obtained combining spectral information from Sentinel-1 and thermal information from the MODIS active fire products.

It covers the Amazon area (see figure above) for the year 2017. The product is provided in monthly tiles in geographical coordinates with a spatial resolution of 0.00035932447 degrees (approx. 40 m).

For further information on the characteristics and variables of the database, please refer to the Product User Guide.

The dataset is archived at the Consorcio Madroño repository. You can download it here