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Planning for the sustainability of regions and cities is nowadays a key element in the promotion of social wellbeing.

Such a planning process undoubtedly requires the spatial analysis of the urban realm, given the major role that cities currently play in the human demand for the resources of the planet.

The project SIMURBAN aims at developing a methodology to support future land planning for the sustainable development of metropolitan areas.

For this purpose, it is first necessary to develop a deep understanding of the principles, attributes, implications, etc. that have characterised the recent growth of metropolitan areas. In addition, it is also important to identify the effects that the different instruments of spatial planning have had on the urban development.

Building on this knowledge, it will be possible to generate scenarios informing of the consequences that future urban growth might have on the territory. To do so, both predictive and normative simulation models will be used. Those will allow us to identify what would happen if current trends were continued into the future. It will also be possible to compare such outcome with an ideal scenario on which high levels of sustainability, efficiency and spatial justice were provided.

To conclude, this project will explore how to assess the environmental costs and the sustainability of urban development (based on some estimation of the Total Land Value).

This methodology will be applied to two metropolitan areas: those of Madrid and Granada. These areas are of different size, and they have also evolved through different processes.



  • Funding: Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN) for Spain, through the 2006 call for projects within the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Innovation 2004-2007 (National Programme of Social, Economic and Legal Sciences). Reference code: SEJ2007-66608-C04-00/Geog.

  • Chair: Dra. Montserrat Gómez Delgado

  • Research groups :

1. Department of Geography, National University of Distance Education (UNED) http://www.uned.es/dpto_geo/index.htm

Principal Researcher: Dr. David Cocero Matesanz


2. Environmental Planning Section of the Urban and Land Planning Laboratory (LUOT), University of Granada (UGR), http://www.urbanismogranada.com/

Principal Researcher: Dr. Luis Miguel Valenzuela Montes


3. Department of Geography, University of Alcalá (UAH) http://www.geogra.uah.es/web_aplicasig/index.php

Principal Researcher: Dr. Montserrat Gómez Delgado


4. Research Group "Environmental Planning and Development (PAD)”, Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC) http://www.escet.urjc.es/~pad 

Principal Researcher: Dr. Raúl Romero Calcerrada.





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SIMURBAN: Prospective analysis and simulation of current urban growth using Geographic Information Technologies (GITs). 
Assessment of sustainability.

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